The Times New Roman and Italic


It always amazes us when people think the New York Times is set in Times New Roman. We love the Times, but it’s not the only Times. There are a lot of them. So let us settle this once and for all: Times New Roman was not the new roman of the New York Times. It was the new roman of The Times of London. Designed by Stanley Morison and Victor Lardent (although possibly stolen from Starling Burgess—but we have not read about that in ages and don’t have a strong opinion about it at present), here the face is shown to good effect by the compositors at Mackenzie & Harris in San Francisco. 

  • Size: 19.25 × 26 inches
  • Pages: 1 sheet
  • Medium: Letterpress in 2 colors
  • Binding: NA
  • Condition: Good with some minor bumps at the edges. It’s been a tube for fifty-four years
  • Publisher: Mackenzie & Harris, 1960