A History of Type Design: William Caslon, 1692–1766 (London, England)


Using a variation on the Japanese frottage technique of Takuhon, curator Gavin Morrison and artist Scott Myles have taken impressions from the headstones of prominent type designers and then turned them into limited edition lithographs. Each one is printed at 100% of the original rubbing. And each one is a total stunner. Here’s the piece for William Caslon—although there are too many Caslons to count here. Whoever cut this definitely followed the old printer’s maxim When in doubt, add another Caslon.

Now, our pic above is misleading. This piece is actually a triptych—and massive, measuring in at a combined height of 83.1 inches. When combined, it's so big we can’t properly show it here in our own shop. But a big presence in the history of type design deserves a big stone. 

Note: We’re not entirely sure how we’ll ship this, so unless you come pick it up, know that it might take us a spell to get this packed securely.

  • Artists: Scott Myles & Gavin Morrison
  • Size: 43.3 × 83.1 inches combined; each sheet measures approx. 43.3 × 27.5 inches
  • Pages: 3
  • Binding: na 
  • Printing: Lithography on mouldmade paper
  • Condition: Two corners arebumped. But let’s talk about getting you a pristine copy. We might be able to do so. Signed and numbered in pencil.
  • Edition: 20
  • Publisher: n.p., 2011