A Piece of the Cosmos


Jin & Park art collective has been attempting to microscopically observe and reconstruct society and the cultural attitudes that define universal principles and phenomena in the visible world while demonstrating their positive intuition about the coexistent invisible world through diverse mediums, such as two-dimensional art, video, installations, performances, and documentaries.

Jin & Park’s work, which emphasizes the abstract and obsessive scene that eliminates clichés, stimulates individual latent senses and memories through the medium of empirical and comparative time, allowing the audience to look at the order, time, and space of the world with active thoughts and insight.

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  • Author: Jin & Park
  • Size: 6.4375 × 9.1875 inches
  • Pages: 16
  • Binding: Pamphlet
  • Publisher: Edizioni Corraini, 2021