Strikethrough: Typographic Messages of Protest


Normal people often think of graphic design as a purely commercial activity: logos, ads, apps, and so on. They tend to not realize that anything not formed in nature was designed by someone and not everything is about making money. This book is a powerful look at history-making uses of lettering, type, and design to amplify resistance and inspire change. In chapters exploring the many ways to voice dissent (RESIST!, VOTE!, STRIKE!, TEACH!, and LOVE!), Strikethrough charts a typographic chant of resistance across more than a century of protest graphics—from nineteenth-century antislavery broadsides to the colorful posters of the Paris 1968 uprising, and from the revolutionary Black Panther newspaper to the public awareness posters of the AIDS crisis. A useful reminder of what we can do when we’re not helping people sell shit stuff.

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  • Author: Silas Munro
  • Contributors: Colette Gaiter and Stephen Coles
  • Size: 7.5 × 9.5 inches 
  • Pages: 280 
  • Binding: Hardcover 
  • Publisher: Letterform Archive, 2022