typography today (1st edition, 1980)

This first edition of the seminal Typography Today is a total stunner, loaded with things both familiar and unknown. And because the sources are so varied, those familiar favorites seem new when juxtaposed with what is less well-known. With contributions by John Cage, Wim Crouwel, Franco Grignani, Helmut Schmid, Kohei Sugiura, and Wolfgang Weingart, the book also includes the essay “Typography as Communication and Form” by Emil Ruder. Good. Good. Good.
  • Size: 8.75 × 11.5 inches
  • Pages: 162
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Language: English and Japanese
  • Condition: Very, very good, but we just noticed there’s a slice at the very inner gutter on one of the leaves for the table of contents. We’ve had this for ages and only just noticed. In protective mylar.
  • Publisher: Seibundoshinkosha, 1980