[3 Morisawa Specimen Books, 1984]


Who doesn’t love a specimen book? How about three of them? These three come from Morisawa, the Japanese typesetting powerhouse. Designed by Ikko Tanaka, each volume focuses on a different kind of type, translated by Google as follows: 

  1. Basic Edition
  2. Japanese Text Edition
  3. Knitting Sample Edition

Clearly No. 3 above isn’t quite right. Still, as Morisawa was setting typographic standards in Japan, these books are standard references that let us know what was happening there forty years ago. Includes a showing in Volume 1 of Latin faces, too, so we can know what they had access to back then. Rare.

  • Size: 8.375 × 11
  • Pages: 128 in each volume
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Condition: Very good. Spines are a touch faded and there is a price sticker on the inside back cover of each volume. Otherwise fine. 
  • Publisher: Morisawa, 1984