A View of Early Typography

A reprint of this long-out-of-print and now-classic work, which summarizes what can be known about the production and use of type in the first 150 years of printing. Originally a set of lectures, the book is an informal discourse by a master of his topic, illustrated with a large gathering of pictures. A new introduction by James Mosley explains the significance of the book and gives a short account of Carter’s life and work. And as with all Hyphen Press books, it’s a model of bookmaking. (It also includes a model of nepotism as it features a blurb from the author’s son.)
  • Author: Harry Carter 
  • Introduction: James Mosley 
  • Size: 5.375 × 8.5 inches 
  • Pages: 220 
  • Binding: Softcover 
  • Condition: Previous owner’s signature (or something) on first leaf. Barcode sticker on back that we can’t get off nicely. Otherwise pristine. 
  • Publisher: Hyphen Press, 2002