[Genzsch & Henze Typefoundry: An Album of Typographic Specimens]

These specimens of programs, announcements, advertisements, and an occasional letterhead showcase both the types and decorative material available from the German Genzsch & Henze in the early twentieth century. With acrobatic showings of the types, ornaments, and borders, this feast of color and paper is the sort of stuff we don’t see often in these first days of the twenty-first century. Quite possible a salesman’s sample book, this doesn’t seem to be an official publication.
  • Size: 10 × 12.25 inches
  • Pages: 34 leaves with 75 specimens tipped or mounted. 
  • Binding: Black album pages bound into flexible cloth boards with string ties. 
  • Condition: Extremity wear with contents mostly fine. The first leaf which seems to be there for protection, is torn. But it’s not a distraction from what follows—which is beautiful. 
  • Publisher: Schriftgießerei Genzsch & Henze, no date but perhaps 1913