Katherine Small Gallery: The Fifth Year Poster


To commemorate five exhibits, seven lectures, one catalogue, three parties, one incredibly-late issue of our quarterly journal, a return to pretty-much normal, and our fifth year, we asked Fanette Mellier to design a small poster for this place—and, boy, did she come through for us. Before we knew what this place would be, we knew it would involve the books of Fanette, so it was especially exciting when she agreed to design our poster. It’s got five fives and is printed in five colors. High five!

Each one of these Riso-printed prismatic posters is suitable for framing—and, so, we framed it for you. Or not. You can choose between an unframed poster shipped flat or a poster framed in an inexpensive (Read: possibly scratched) acrylic box frame that is ready to be hung on your wall as soon as it arrives at your door.

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  • Size: 14 × 11 inches 
  • Pages: 1 
  • Edition: 100 copies 
  • Binding: na 
  • Publisher: Katherine Small Gallery, 2023